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Fencing Services in Covington

For optimal fencing services in the Covington area, look no further than North Bound Fences. No job is too big or too small! We provide a range of fences for both commercial and residential environment. Read through our services below, and contact us to request your free estimate today.

Installation of Fences
fence installed

For installation of all types of fences, count on North Bound Fences. Our experienced installers are available to install fences that you have chosen from us. Whether you would like privacy, barb wire, horse, or field fencing installed, we can help you out!

fance and gate

North Bound Fences performs comprehensive repairs for your existing fences. No matter the type of fence or damage, you can count on a fully trained professional to restore it back to its working condition.

Horse Fences
horse fence

If you have horses and would like to keep them safe in one area, we install post and rail fences for your property. These fences feature a minimal design while remaining sturdy to ensure your horses do not roam free.

Barb Wire
barb wire fence

Our barb wire fences add an extra layer of protection to residential and commercial properties alike. This fencing is often most effective on farms, tree lots, areas with plenty of brush, and grassy or other similar environments.

Privacy Fences
privacy fence

We offer privacy fences with fine cedar and pine materials. These fences are perfect for pool enclosures, deck or patio spaces, and backyards. If you would like a little more privacy from your neighbors or other visitors, our privacy fences are the best options!

Chain Link
chain link fence

Chain link is a cost effective way to add a protective barrier around your property. These are also great for pet areas, backyards, pool enclosures, and similar applications. Our chain link fencing is available for new installation as well as repairs for sections that need it.

Field Fences
field fence

Field fences offer maximum protection and effective land marking for sprawling properties such as farms, bed and breakfasts, estates, and more. These field fences can be customized to your needs. Depending on your requirements, we offer post and rail or picket style fences.

To learn more about our extensive fence options and services, please give us a call today!

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